Creo Preis - Preisträger 2021 Bild
Award winner CREO 2021 “The CREO is an honorary award that has been awarded in at least one category every year since 2007. You cannot apply for the prize, but will be proposed by a jury. The CREO should be given to persons or institutions who have distinguished themselves either through a particularly creative achievement or through sustainable action in the sense of our statutes.”
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V.

“It is like it is”

Installation & memorial to Covid-19-crisis.

A tiny virus, a twenty thousand times thinner than a human hair, has done what the great and powerful of this world like to dream of: it dominates all thoughts. Without exception.

Nobody, no matter from which social class, no matter whether young or old, can avoid the topic of „Corona“ these days. It haunts us all the time, right into our dreams. A deadly equalizer that brings people in line and unites them in a way never seen before. In their fear, their losses, their loneliness and need.

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Limited prints. Uniques. Hand signed.

Some of the works by Dennis Josef Meseg are sold as limited editions and unique items worldwide.

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Installation against violence against women.

Violence against women and girls has been a topic since the very beginning of human history.

It has been written that each war’s winners would carry off the losers‘ wifes and girls, rape or kill them. There has always been some religion that would put women to a lower level than men or that would blame women for being the cause of all evil. Until today women suffer from not being treated unconditionally equally by their country‘s laws.

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Various steel sculptures by Dennis Josef Meseg.

Stahlplastik STOPP von Dennis Josef Meseg


Material: steel
Size: 200x200cm
Weight: 500kg

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Stahlplastik Besinnlichkeiten von Dennis Josef Meseg


Material: steel
Size: 125x70x70cm
Weight: 100kg

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Stahlplastik für Königssommer 2020 von Dennis Josef Meseg

Königssommer 2020

Culture & Corona
“Gemeinsam auf Abstand”.

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“1000 Momente”

Installation. Emotions. Experience.

Incisive moments are an inherent part of life, like the birth of a child, good fortune, an accident or a loss, just as well as those small, unimposing moments with results unfolding much later, such as financial investments, emotional commitments or the choice of a pet.

Experienced a thousand times, in a thousand ways.The spectrum of invested or experienced emotions is almost boundless, hence barely visualizable. With my new installation „A Thousand Moments“, I have dared to oppose this thesis.

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