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Dennis Josef Meseg


"If someone asks me who I am, the answer is clear: a mixture of Peter Pan, Pippi Longstocking and Alf."

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333 purple and white Child Mannequins

"Shattered Souls (...)"

This installation was on display during World Youth Day 2023 from 1 to 6 August in Cologne Cathedral and from 20 to 22 September on the occasion of World Children's Day and the 24th Family Court Day in Bonn. The 333 protagonists came to Wiesbaden just in time for the Bishops' Conference 2023.

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500 Buckets | 2.5 Tonnes of Rubbish | Priceless Experience

Project "A bucket of rubbish a day"

For the project, one bucket of rubbish was collected every day. In total, there were almost 500 rubbish buckets with over 2.5 tonnes of plastic waste in the summer of 2023.

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German Society for Creativity e.V./ Berlin

Award winner CREO 2021

In 2021, the artist Dennis Josef Meseg was awarded the creativity prize CREO, a prize only once per year awarded by the German Society for Creativity e.V. in Berlin. One cannot apply for it but has got to be nominated for the award by a member of the Society.

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111 Mannequins in red and white Flutter Tape

It is like it is

Meseg and his team toured throughout Germany with his installation „It is like it is“ (IILII for short). They visited about 140 locations in more than 40 cities.

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142 Locations in 40 Cities

The IILII-Photobook

The Corona Memorial that became an image of hope. A coffee table book/ A documentation of the installation on 450 pages in pictures and text. Limited and hand-bound edition.

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175cm | 130kg | 111 Pieces


HOPE was the essence of his installation "It is like it is", so the artist will immortalize hope in the form of this one figure - Hope - as a life-size bronze statue.

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Sculptor. Painter. Author.

Dennis Josef Meseg

"I want to see people happy. I think true happiness is experienced through knowledge and insight. Even if this can seem uprooted at first."

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A Gothic Confessional and 8 nude Models

Absolvo te!

„ People inspire me with their words and actions, and I give them art in return“.

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1000 Printing Plates | Over 50 years old Paper

1000 Moments

„The work of art in the background is called 1000 incisive moments. It consists of 1000 unique woodblock prints in which 1000 different snapshots are Immortalized“.

On my mission to the sun | 27 | 💥🚀☀️❤️

I am an artist. No warrior with a sharp weapon, no perceptive poet, no powerful politician.

But I love the world we live in with all its facets – people, animals, nature.

For this reason I create my installations from the point of view that they have a lasting socially critical statement and not because they are beautiful, harmless and easy to sell.

I like to reach people with my installations, I want to confront them directly with topics that otherwise often remain distant or even abstract: Environmental destruction, war, pandemics, the price of prosperity, often paid by others.

My art enables me to talk to people, to reach them and draw their attention to issues that affect us all. The great and mainly positive feedback on my installations, for example the Corona memorial “It is like it is”, that was awarded the CREO Prize 2021, or my current installation “Broken 1.4 | Broken(Un)Broken” – which shows the worldwide suffering of oppressed, tortured, often even murdered women and girls – to everyone, are my motivation and confirmation that I can make a difference with my art.

DJM 2022/11

Studio Dennis Josef Meseg

Kronenweg 11
50389 Wesseling/ Germany


Creo Preis - Preisträger 2021 Bild
Award winner CREO 2021 “The CREO is an honorary award that has been awarded in at least one category every year since 2007. You cannot apply for the prize, but will be proposed by a jury. The CREO should be given to persons or institutions who have distinguished themselves either through a particularly creative achievement or through sustainable action in the sense of our statutes.”
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V.

The Dennis Josef Meseg Studio: A Philosophical Reflection

The Dennis Josef Meseg studio at Kronenweg 11 in 50389 Wesseling is more than just a place of art; it is a melting pot of creative energy and human expression. Here, the boundaries between reality and imagination merge as Dennis Josef Meseg brings his artistic vision to life in the form of mesmerising works of art. Each painting, sculpture and artwork speaks its own language and invites the viewer to delve into the depths of the human soul.

The studio is a stage on which the duality of light and shadow, joy and pain, past and future is expressed. It is a place where time seems to stand still, while the artworks carry the history of humanity within them and embody the essence of life itself.

Visitors to the studio have the unique opportunity not only to view art, but also to experience the spirit and emotions of the artist himself. It is a place of reflection, inspiration and dialogue where the boundaries between the artist, the artwork and the viewer become blurred.

Dennis Josef Meseg’s studio in Wesseling is therefore not just a place of art, but a place where the human experience is celebrated in its purest and deepest form.

“Silent witnesses – 135 silent witnesses of the flood disaster in the Ahr valley”

Installation/ action art for the vigil at the Landtag/ Mainz in February 2024

What these people must have suffered when the floods hit them! Helplessly watching everything being washed away, all their belongings. The fear of death from the constantly rising, raging floodwaters. The panicked search for relatives. Screams in the darkness. And their silence.

135 people lost their lives in the Ahr Valley on 14 and 15 July 2021. Some of them might have been saved if the emergency services had acted quickly and, above all, effectively. But apparently they didn’t, even though there were early warnings. (…)

Find out more about “Silent Witnesses”

“Shattered Souls in a Sea of Silence”

Installation/ action art at Cologne Cathedral and for the Bishops’ Conference 2023

They wear the same robes as their brothers in faith, have studied the same holy scriptures and vowed eternal fidelity to the same god.

But their hands concede no blessing, and their words offer no comfort. They are the evil that roams the house of the Lord, tormenting human beings and mocking the Lord by violating His holy commandments. Believers have left the church by the thousands, holding the hands of their children who joined as merry young Christians and came back as broken souls. Ravished, abused, mortified.

They step out into life with a burden on their shoulders that will never vanish. A burden which feels like a stain and silences them because no-one is willing to listen. Not within the family, not in church, where up to the highest ranks unscrupulous accessories hush up and deny every wrongdoing to protect a guilty priest. (…)

More about “Shattered Souls”

“Absolvo te!”

Installation. Staging. Art campaign for the Discovery Art Fair 2023 in Cologne

It was more than 2000 years ago that a twelve year old boy from Nazareth went to Jerusalem with his parents and entered the temple, all by himself, to speak to the scribes. And they all admired his wisdom (Luke 2:41ff).

This young boy became the foundation stone of Christianity. Under his sign, the cross, catholic priests – the modern scribes – proclaim to this very day, what Jesus had said: „Let the children come to me and don’t repel them, for it is them who own the Kingdom of God.“ (Mark 10:14).

Find out more about “Absolvo te!

“It is like it is”

Installation & memorial on the Corona crisis. 142 locations in over 40 cities in Germany/ 2020-2022

A tiny virus, a twenty thousand times thinner than a human hair, has done what the great and powerful of this world like to dream of: it dominates all thoughts. Without exception.

Nobody, no matter from which social class, no matter whether young or old, can avoid the topic of „Corona“ these days. It haunts us all the time, right into our dreams. A deadly equalizer that brings people in line and unites them in a way never seen before. In their fear, their losses, their loneliness and need.

More about “It is like it is”
Logo Leichtsinn

Work of the artist

Limited prints. Uniques. Hand signed.

Some of the works by Dennis Josef Meseg are sold as limited editions and unique items worldwide.

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“Broken 1.4 | Broken(Un)Broken”

Installation against violence against women. 2020 to date – U.A. Tour 2020 16 cities in 17 days.

Violence against women and girls has been a topic since the very beginning of human history.

It has been written that each war’s winners would carry off the losers‘ wifes and girls, rape or kill them. There has always been some religion that would put women to a lower level than men or that would blame women for being the cause of all evil. Until today women suffer from not being treated unconditionally equally by their country‘s laws.

More about “Broken”
Installation "Broken" 2020 | Dennis Josef Meseg | NoComment Edition mit englischen Untertiteln


Various steel sculptures by Dennis Josef Meseg.

Stahlplastik STOPP von Dennis Josef Meseg


Material: steel
Size: 200x200cm
Weight: 500kg

More about “STOPP”
Stahlplastik Besinnlichkeiten von Dennis Josef Meseg


Material: steel
Size: 125x70x70cm
Weight: 100kg

More about “Besinnlichkeiten”
Stahlplastik für Königssommer 2020 von Dennis Josef Meseg

Königssommer 2020

Culture & Corona
“Gemeinsam auf Abstand”.

More about “Königssommer 2020”

“1000 Momente”

Installation. Emotions. Experience.

Incisive moments are an inherent part of life, like the birth of a child, good fortune, an accident or a loss, just as well as those small, unimposing moments with results unfolding much later, such as financial investments, emotional commitments or the choice of a pet.

Experienced a thousand times, in a thousand ways.The spectrum of invested or experienced emotions is almost boundless, hence barely visualizable. With my new installation „A Thousand Moments“, I have dared to oppose this thesis.

More about “1000 Momente”