CREO Preis 2021 - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V. Berlin - Dennis Josef Meseg

CREO 2021 – German Society for Creativity e.V./ Berlin

In 2021, the artist Dennis Josef Meseg was awarded the creativity prize CREO, a prize only once per year awarded by the German Society for Creativity e.V. in Berlin. One cannot apply for it but has got to be nominated for the award by a member of the Society. The prize was presented by Lea Dzionsko, a student at the TBK-Solingen for media design. Lisa’s design of the award was chosen as the winner from a total of 15 designs by her fellow students and handed out in a uniquely beautiful acrylic casket.

CREO Preis 2021 - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kreativität e.V. Berlin - Dennis Josef Meseg The artist Dennis Josef Meseg and his installation “It is like it is” were discovered by the chairman of the German Society for Creativity – Prof. Jörg Mehlhorn, who also nominated him for the award. The award ceremony took place after several cancellations due to Corona on September 18, 2021 at ALANUS University in Alfter near Bonn.

About 70 invited guests were present. Among them were many members of the association as well as the professor, colleagues, family and friends of the artist. Actor and author Ralf Scharrer with husband Detlef W. Henning, Friend and painter Michael Koch with wife Angelika Koch from Cologne, friend/ painter/ author and musician Irmgard Maria Janssen-Otto, photographer Klaudia Taday, friend and photographer Heiko Heinen and the 3rd mayor of Wesseling Peter Nep appeared as guests of honor.

As one of the highlights of the day, a dozen of the award-winning red and white mannequins were present, plus an additional two special mannequins who, to everyone’s surprise, came to life through the hands of the artist.
Speeches by Prof. Jörg Mehlhorn, Irmgard Maria Janssen Otto and Dennis Josef Meseg rounded off the award ceremony.
Afterwards, they all had a meal in the Alanus University canteen and then made their way to the artist’s studio in Wesseling, where the first solo show of the artist was opened on 450 square meters. Food and drinks were sufficiently provided.
In the course of the vernissage various artists appeared, who during the tour of the installation “It is like it is” came into contact with the artist and the 111 red and white mannequins and were inspired. Among them was the artist and performer Krisstin Bento-Monteiro (Aristokrass Cologne) with her liberation performance, the dancer Ying Xioa from Essen who performed an improvised dance performance, friend and artist Irmgart Maria Janssen-Otto as co-exhibiting guest artist, the band “Freindz” with Aydo Abay, the musican Nik Novakovic. And, last but not least, the dancer Eleonora Meyden from the music school Reinickendorf from Berlin made a digital appearance in the exhibition.

Isolation Tanz zur Installation "It is like it is" - Dennis Josef Meseg

Brühler Schlossbote Dennis Josef Meseg CREO 2021