Installation "Broken" in Bonn Münsterplatz 2020

Installation “Broken/ (Un)Broken”

Installation of 222 masked mannequins

Violence against women and girls has been a topic since the very beginning of human history.

It has been written that each war’s winners would carry off the losers‘ wifes and girls, rape or kill them. There has always been some religion that would put women to a lower level than men or that would blame women for being the cause of all evil. Until today women suffer from not being treated unconditionally equally by their country‘s laws.

Documentary by Heiko Heinen about the Tour 2020 (approx.45 min. – german)

Women are witnesses to this huge gap of imbalance that divides our society until today. Women and artists (m/f).

Artists (m/f) don’t want to kill, mutilate or rule. They want to create something good. Something that brings joy to the world, not harm. Something that carries a message just as the installation „Broken/ (Un)Broken“ by Dennis Meseg.

This artist intends to speak out against violence against women. This original way of transforming his thoughts into art is way more profound than one would think at first sight.

Mannequins wrapped in orange warning tape: A combination of three symbols with a very well known and clear interpretation.

Warning tape represents a sign of boundaries not only in its purpose to protect people from danger but also in its use as a sign that marks a barrier.

Women are very often reduced to their looks as if they were just puppets on a string, easy to handle just like a toy. This way of looking at women is a sign of disregard. In addition to this many women are humiliated by having to hide or cover their faces from the world just as if they were some guarded piece of property that is being watched by its jealous owner.

Orange is the color of freedom, joy, safety and of emotional warmth. This is why the annual campaign by UN women „Orange the World“ has chosen this color for their fight against the constant, diverse misery that women all over the world have to face.

The warning tape that wraps the „women“ in Dennis Meseg’s installation covers these „women“, disguises them and isolates them from the outside world, but at the same time this warning tape wraps them in the color of freedom which is quite an interesting thought that moves the viewer.

The installation „Broken/ (Un)Broken“ is to be seen as an appeal to finally stop violence against women! Men living in the 21st century are indeed able to see that all women, as well as their their mothers and sisters, daughters and wives are of equal worth and so they are to be treated equally.

It should be their aim to make this world a better one, based on equality and respect for one another and for mother nature.

Just as women do, who love their kids, their husbands, their brothers and sisters, their fathers and mothers, their family…

Just as every artist (m/f) loves their work.

Update installation “Broken/ (Un)Broken” at Revierkunst in Hattingen 2021 Update Installation “Broken/ (Un)Broken” on exhibition “Discrimination and Human Trafficking” by the Diakonie Sulz am Neckar

UPDATE 02/13/2022

As of today, the title of the installation “Broken” is officially changed to “Broken/ (Un)Broken”.
At the last public exhibitions of “Broken/ (Un)Broken” at the Revierkunst in Hattingen and at the Diakonie in Sulz am Neckar, the presentation/ placement of the installation had already changed significantly. The criticism voiced by liberal queer feminists in 2020 has been incorporated into the installation.
As can be seen in the photos, two smaller groups of demonstrators are now standing in front of the installation. On the one hand the representatives of “StillNotBroken”, the counter-movement to “Broken” and on the other hand the silent representatives of “TotalyBroken”.
This represents the different views of those involved. The ones who want to be seen as “Unbroken” and the others who can be seen as “TotalyBroken” because of the severity of their injuries, since they partly died from their abuse or took their own lives.
In the background are the remaining approximately 200 performers of “Broken/ (Un)Broken”.

Siegburg/ Kreishaus – 24.11.2020 Bonn/ Münsterplatz – 25.11.2020 Aachen/ Münsterplatz – 26.11.2020 Bonn/ Frauenmuseum – 27.11.2020 Wesseling/ Rathaus – 28.11.2020 Köln/ Roncalliplatz (Cologne Cathedral) – 29.11.2020