Someone, there!? Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzearbeit 2023

Bronze “Someone, there”

Bronze “Someone, there” This limited edition work entitled “Someone, there” is an intriguing, thought-provoking display. It consists of three blue patinated bronze waves, shaped like twisted bullhorns, mounted side by […]

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#1000 Raben Trio Bronze Dennis Josef Meseg Flatterband Raben rot weiß

#1000Raven – Bronze Raven Trio

#1000Raven – Bronze Raven Trio The art world is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. One artist who is making a significant impact in the field of performance and installation art […]

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HOPE 45cm Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzefigur Installation "It is like it is"

And then there was “HOPE”

And then there was “HOPE” The terrible coronavirus pandemic, with all its horror and suffering, inspired the artist Dennis Josef Meseg to create his now internationally renowned work “It is […]

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HOPE It is like it is Corona Mahnmal und Hoffnungssymbol Bronze Figur Credits: Heiko Heinen

And then there was “HOPE” (175cm)

Hope was the essence of his installation, so the artist immortalized it in the form of this one figurine – Hope – as a life-size bronze statue. Her belonging to the installation is recognizable by the imprint of the red and white barrier tape. Standing on tiptoe, her arms raised like wings ready to soar, looking skywards. The life-sized bronze statue „Hope“, core of the art installation „It is like it is“, symbolizes the comforting faith and hope that at the end of dire times everything will be allright again.

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River pebble with tree stump

River pebble with tree stump Material: river pebble from Italy, metal rod and tree stump with lichen Size: approx. 45x35x15cm

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Micronaut - Buchenholz auf Betonsockel Foto 2 ca. 100cm hoch


Micronaut Beech wood on metal base about 100cm high Description text follows

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Permanente Ablenkung - 300cm Walnussstamm beschliffen und geölt - Dennis Josef Meseg

Permanent distraction

Permanent distraction 300cm Walnut log oiled on steel plate – Worked with chainsaw, Flex with various attachments, sandpaper, putty, oil.

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Romanticized 280 years old olive trunk waxed about 120cm Worked with chainsaw, Flex with. various attachments, sandpaper, putty, OIL

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