Trans-Shooting mit Fotografin Julia Koslovski und Vincent Wilkening - 2021 - Dennis Josef Meseg

Diva 2021

Diva 2021 I have always wanted to make a photo shooting with a male model in the stile of a transsexual brothel owner after a night of partying. Make-up slightly […]

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Color-Shooting mit Julia Koslovski und Tom Edelkind - 2021 - Wesseling - Dennis Josef Meseg

Color shooting

Color-Shooting Color shooting Julia Koslovski and Tom Edelkind

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Fotoprojekt Zufallsherzen - Herzen die einem zufällig im Leben begegnen - Ab 2016 - Dennis Josef Meseg

Photo project: Random Hearts

Random Hearts Since 2016 I have collected pictures of heart shaped items along the way. Please see my Instagram Account @zufallsherzen for further details: Photo project: Random hearts

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Plastik in Sträuchern - Fotografie - Dennis Josef Meseg

Plastic in bushes

Plastic in bushes On the highway 555 between Cologne and Bonn, at the height of Wesseling, hundreds of plastic bags were hanging in the freshly planted thorn bushes. The wind […]

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Fotoshooting und Teil-Installation It is like it is Dennis Josef Meseg Rheinufer Wesseling

River Rhine bank IILII

River Rhine bank IILII Early in the morning, at about 6:00 a.m., I met with the photographer Julia at my studio. We took a couple of mannequins of my installation […]

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