Nik Novakovic - From Empty Rooms - Installation "It is like it is" Dennis Josef Meseg

Nik Novakovic – From Empty Rooms

Nik Novakovic – From Empty Rooms A while ago, the musician Nik Novakovic produced his new music video for the song „From Empty Rooms“ in my studio in Wesseling. In […]

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VOLKER MILCH - Human Nature

Volker Milch – Human Nature

VOLKER MILCH – Human Nature For the cover of his latest single, the musician Volker Milch used photographs of my installation „It is like it is“, taken at the Bildhauserwiese […]

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Isolationstanz Eleonora Meyden Musikschule Reinickendorf Berlin - It is like it is - Dennis Josef Meseg

Eleonora Berlin – Dance of Isolation

Eleonora Berlin – Dance of Isolation This art work was created after an accidental meeting with the dancer/dance teacher Eleonora Meyden outside the Reichstag building in Berlin. In May 2020, […]

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Hinterher sind wir schlauer - Gemeinschaftsarbeit Thomas Baumgärtel und Dennis Josef Meseg - 2021

We’re always smarter afterwards

We’re always smarter afterwards This is a teamwork between me and the artist Thomas Baumgärtel (banana sprayer) from Cologne. Like a kind of ping-pong, this work went back and forth […]

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