Vorschaubild für Installation It is like it is von Dennis Josef Meseg

Installation “It is like it is”

The Corona memorial “It is like it is”

A tiny virus, a twenty thousand times thinner than a human hair, has done what the great and powerful of this world like to dream of: it dominates all thoughts. Without exception.

Nobody, no matter from which social class, no matter whether young or old, can avoid the topic of “Corona” these days. It haunts us all the time, right into our dreams. A deadly equalizer that brings people in line and unites them in a way never seen before. In their fear, their losses, their loneliness and need.

The installation “It is like it is” makes the incomprehensible tangible. Mannequins, at the beginning of the year still displaying the exuberant abundance of life-affirming, colorful clothing in the shop windows, are now standing together, only distinguishable in size and surrounded by an aura of hopelessness.

Red and white fluttering tape documents the insurmountable separation that the currently restricted life and the curtailment of fundamental rights of all people bring. A familiar community is broken down into a herd of individuals, all separated, and each yearning for familiar intimacy.

“It is like it is” shows in a touching way the high status of art. Already important and valuable in everyday life, it is a valuable element in the struggle for survival of society right now. Because it connects where there is no longer a connection, and it strengthens our confidence because it makes visible what is haunting our thoughts as a faceless, dark ghost.

Download PDF handout in english


Sound-Update 2022 “It is like it is”

In cooperation with two musicians and producers from Berlin and Brühl Rhld. a new level within the installation was created.

To the sound update

Memorial made of 111 masked mannequins

A memorial inspired by the current corona crisis. What should be reminded? The installation calls for more appreciation. More appreciation for yourself, your environment and your fellow human beings, family and friends. We shouldn’t take anything for granted, realize how valuable everything around us is and consider how quickly social life can change around us.

The corona memorial that became an image of hope.

A documentation of the installation in pictures and text.

A look inside the book (the first 50 pages):

440 pages
Limited to 1000 copies
ISBN: 978-3-00-069736-4

Here you can order the documentation/illustrated book on the installation “It is like it is” online!

The illustrated book can also be viewed in various museums in Bonn.

You can view the photo book before you buy it, for example in the library of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn or in the Kunstmuseum Bonn.

Opening hours of the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn

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Of course I know your installation from the press and from eyewitness accounts. I find this project extremely good. It is absolutely up-to-date in terms of content, form and colour, it catches the eye, it arouses interest, arouses curiosity and encourages comments, or better: conversations. I say a big compliment to you. It gets a lot going as a surprise and in its pop appearance.” Prof. Dr. Frank Günter Zehnder | Art Historian for Medieval and Contemporary Art – Former Director of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn
“Your interpretation is truly remarkable – no, stunningly appealing. The installation conveys exactly the feeling of Corona. And it does so through a means that is as incredibly simple as it is compelling.” — Felicitas Bixby; The PR agents – Stuttgart
“As simple as it is ingenious” — Visitors on the spot
“GENIAL” The sexton from Limburg an der Lahn Cathedral

Press reports on the installation “It is like it is”

Various press offices report on “It is like it is” in newspapers, social media and TV.

What is currently happening around “It is like it is”?

Current press reports Free usable photos and texts

The team behind “It is like it is”

Unique people. Unique experience.

This installation would never have been possible on its own. There are now 24 hard-working helpers, always in different constellations, one more the other less, in the background of the installation “It is like it is”.

More about the team

📝 Text Ricarda Reich

With the kind support of Dot on Point Produktions

    If you are interested in this installation for your city, municipality, association, gallery, museum or other organisation, you can find out about availability and the rental price here.