Installation „1000 Momente“ - von Dennis Josef Meseg

Installation “A Thousand Moments”

A Thousand Moments

Incisive moments are an inherent part of life, like the birth of a child, good fortune, an accident or a loss, just as well as those small, unimposing moments with results unfolding much later, such as financial investments, emotional commitments or the choice of a pet.
Experienced a thousand times, in a thousand ways.The spectrum of invested or experienced emotions is almost boundless, hence barely visualizable. With my new installation „A Thousand Moments“, I have dared to oppose this thesis.

A thousand antique leaves, precious as the moments they are meant to represent, installed on wood. With a special kind of breath control, I had each plate act on me during the creation process to fathom its secret. I then depicted every pervasive emotion that I recognized as a special moment with one cut or more.

The installation reflects a part of my soul. It shows, how incisive every one of those thousand moments was for me, and what it meant for me. By relinquishing the use of words, which can be seen as the corset of preconceived opinion, I offer viewers the chance to participate, to compare, and assess. This way, you can lose yourself in those incisive moments and their entirety, which everybody knows and yet everyone experiences differently. Like all of my works, my latest installation is an invitation to reflect. And to find their deeper meaning.

Dennis Josef Meseg

Insights in “1000 Momente”

1000 Momente - Eine Installation von Dennis Josef Meseg

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