Press photos and text

The photos on this page can be freely used for the purpose of publications in the press. A reference to the author and the artistic work “It is like it is” is absolutely desired, as well as brief information about what exactly is to be published in which media. If a different resolution is required, please just ask briefly.

Press photos for “It is like it is” 2020

Installation of 111 masked mannequins

A tiny virus, a twenty thousand times thinner than a human hair, has done what the great and powerful of this world like to dream of: it dominates all thoughts. Without exception.

Nobody, no matter from which social class, no matter whether young or old, can avoid the topic of “Corona” these days. It haunts us all the time, right into our dreams. A deadly equalizer that brings people in line and unites them in a way never seen before. In their fear, their losses, their loneliness and need. The installation “It is like it is” makes the incomprehensible tangible. Mannequins, at the beginning of the year still displaying the exuberant abundance of life-affirming, colorful clothing in the shop windows, are now standing together, only distinguishable in size and surrounded by an aura of hopelessness. Red and white fluttering tape documents the insurmountable separation that the currently restricted life and the curtailment of fundamental rights of all people bring. A familiar community is broken down into a herd of individuals, all separated, and each yearning for familiar intimacy. “It is like it is” shows in a touching way the high status of art. Already important and valuable in everyday life, it is a valuable element in the struggle for survival of society right now. Because it connects where there is no longer a connection, and it strengthens our confidence because it makes visible what is haunting our thoughts as a faceless, dark ghost.

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