Isolationstanz Eleonora Meyden Musikschule Reinickendorf Berlin - It is like it is - Dennis Josef Meseg

Eleonora Berlin – Dance of Isolation

This art work was created after an accidental meeting with the dancer/dance teacher Eleonora Meyden outside the Reichstag building in Berlin. In May 2020, my team and I set up the installation “It is like it is” in front of the Reichstag building in Berlin. After a short time Eleonora stood in the installation and performed a “small” spontaneous dance performance.

For my first solo exhibition in Wesseling in September/ October 2021 I invited Eleonora to perform her “small” dance performance at the vernissage. Unfortunately, however, she could not come over, but recorded with your student a specially rehearsed performance for the vernissage / exhibition instead and gave it to me as a gift. In addition, even the music was composed especially for the isolation dance by a student of the music school (Justus Schalow).

Isolation Tanz zur Installation "It is like it is" - Dennis Josef Meseg

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