Plastik - Welcome to be you - Dennis Josef Meseg

Welcome to be you

This art work deals with the identity finding of new generations. According to recent studies from the US, there may be far more gradations between men and women than we ever have imagined. There are currently up to 800 gender differentiations.

Welcome to be you - Plastik - Dennis Josef Meseg

This work has been created by chance in a period of about 8 months. The male torso stood close to my workspace. Gradually more and more items found their way to this work. At first, it was used as a kind of wardrobe. A shirt and a blonde wig from one of my photo shootings ended up on the torso first. Later my team and I, returning from our tour with the Installation „It is like it is“, brought a Bavarian hat back to the studio and placed it on the mannequin’s head.
One day the stereotype toys happened to be left next to it, This is how the work has gradually, unconsciously, emerged.
Again a theme that I had been occupied with since the creation of my installation „Broken“, has made its way into the plastic world.

Credits: Renate Heim (photos 2, 3, 4)

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