STOPP – Stahlplastik von Dennis Josef Meseg

Steel sculpture “STOPP”

Steel – 200x200cm – 500kg

Steel sculpture „Stop“

title of the work: STOP – steel – 06/2020 – 200x200cm – 500kg

In its daily use the characteristics of steel braces are known, wanted and completely unremarkable. If this material is being used in performing arts one can easily see that steel braces and human beings have more in common than we would want. Both are hard, adamant, rejecting and tend to stay true to their way.

The steel plastic “ Stop“ – against exclusion of fringe groups consists of identical steel braces.

STOPP – Stahlplastik von Dennis Josef Meseg

None is bigger, none is better or more important than the other. Put next to each other without points of contact they become worthless. Only when being weld together representing a union, these steel braces turn into a piece of art. A piece of art that represents our society, because we can only change this world by sticking together and by operating as a team. Each human being is a stranger to someone. Each human being belongs to a certain group with certain characteristics, but we are all human beings. If we learn to let our hands hold each other, just as the steel braces of the steel plastic do, instead of pushing each other away and if we learn to accept our differences and see them as a chance instead of seeing them as a problem only then mankind can become the greatest artwork of them all…..a piece of art that we can bring to perfection.

Current location: Alanus University Campus 1; Lohheckenweg; in front of the guest house

Stahlplastik Stopp - Dennis Josef Meseg

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