Not your Profit (2) - Malerei und Strick-Arbeit - 2021 - Dennis Josef Meseg und Julie Colquitt

Not your Profit

Upper work: 300x200cm, acrylic, oil, spray paint, charcoal, edding, paint pens, airbrush on canvas (Dennis Josef Meseg)
Lower work: 300x200cm, yarn and wool (Julie Colquitt, Scotland).

About the creation: I designed the upper work for a friend. During the process, however, I fell madly in love with this painting and wanted something similar for myself. Thereupon I contacted Julie, who lives in Scotland. She then knitted the piece for me based on my pattern.
The result is intoxicating.

Now my friend no longer likes the work above and fortunately I have both works, which somehow work better together.

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