Corona Kunst - Installation "It is like it is" - Corona-Mahnmal Dennis Josef Meseg - Königsfarben Königssommer 2020 in Königswinter

Königsfarben Königssommer 2020 in Königswinter

Culture & Corona – Together at a distance

In summer 2020 the City of Königswinter organized an art event using 50 steles with a triangular floor plan to make two distinctive points in the old town into one large open-air exhibition space. The steles were individually designed by artists from Königswinter and the region. The artists worked on the topic of “Culture & Corona – Together at a Distance”. They were provided with stele blanks, which were printed on all three sides with the title of the project at the top and the royal summer logo. The artists were free to design them by painting, sticking, printing or other creative changes.

These steles were exhibited at the Siebengebirgsmuseum until October 8th, 2020.

Visit the offizial website of Königssommer in Königswinter:

    If you are interested in a particular artwork, you can inquire here about availability and price.

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