1000 Augen - Plastik aus antiken Puppenaugen - Dennis Josef Meseg - 2020

“Data Backup 1.0” – A symphony of blue glass eyes

In the depths of artistic creation, “Data Backup 1.0” rises up like a captivating work of art that beguiles the senses. Hundreds of blue glass eyes, arranged in harmonious symmetry on a sphere, paint a fantastic picture. The gaps between the eyes have been lovingly designed to create a seamless connection – an aesthetic dance between reality and illusion.

Each individual eye, a window to the soul of the data age, catches the light and projects a mysterious aura. They epitomise not only the countless digital moments, but also the diversity of human experiences and stories that wander through the endless expanses of cyberspace.

The sphere, with a diameter of around 35 cm, is the symbol of unity and perfection. It harbours the essence of our modern society – a testimony to our efforts to preserve and protect information. But it is more than just a protective cloak – it is a mirror that shows us the vulnerability of our digital existence.

Enthroned on a metal plinth, “Data Backup 1.0” gives the artwork a solid base. Two worlds meet here: the fragile beauty of the glass eyes and the unshakeable strength of the metal. This contrast reminds us that the digital world we live in depends on the balance between data protection and technical security.

Whispering yet challenging, “Data Security 1.0” resonates a philosophical melody. It raises questions about the limits of privacy, the power of surveillance and the value of our information. It encourages us to open our eyes and become aware of how we can protect our digital identity.

Immerse yourself in this symphonic composition of blue glass eyes. Let it swirl your thoughts and transport your senses into a world of possibilities. “Data Protection 1.0” is not just a work of art, but a bold manifesto of our time – a symbol of the need to explore our digital expanses with care and mindfulness.

Datensicherung Plastik - Dennis Josef Meseg - 2019

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