Someone, there!? Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzearbeit 2023

Bronze “Someone, there”

This limited edition work entitled “Someone, there” is an intriguing, thought-provoking display. It consists of three blue patinated bronze waves, shaped like twisted bullhorns, mounted side by side on a narrow bronze plate. These waves represent the power and beauty of the ocean, while their twisted shape conveys a certain dynamism and movement.

The special feature of this artwork, however, lies in the centre, between the second and third wave. Here there is a sailing ship which, unlike the waves, is not patinated but gilded to a high lustre. This contrast between the shiny ship and the blue-patinated waves creates a profound symbolism.

The sailing ship symbolises man’s journey through life. It stands for adventure, discovery and the search for a destination. The waves, on the other hand, represent the challenges and obstacles that we encounter on this journey. The choice of material, bronze, gives the artwork a timeless quality and reminds us that life itself is an ongoing process of change and metamorphosis.

Someone, there!? Dennis Josef Meseg bronze work 2023

The gilding of the sailing ship sets it apart from the waves and emphasises its significance and presence. It becomes a shining symbol of hope and potential that accompanies us on our journey. It reminds us that, even in difficult times, we have the opportunity to pursue our dreams and achieve our goals.

The size of the artwork, 80cm x 40cm x 13cm, allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the details and nuances of the composition. It invites you to explore the various elements and discover the metaphorical meaning behind the arrangement.

Overall, the artwork “Someone, there” by Dennis Josef Meseg is a profound reflection on the human quest for fulfilment and the challenges we face along the way. It reminds us that we are in a constant flow of change and that we have the power to achieve our goals even when faced with difficulties.

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