HOPE It is like it is Corona Mahnmal und Hoffnungssymbol Bronze Figur Credits: Heiko Heinen

And then there was “HOPE” (68,9″)


Standing on tiptoe, her arms raised like wings ready to soar, looking skywards. The life-sized bronze statue „Hope“, core of the art installation „It is like it is“, symbolizes the comforting faith and hope that at the end of dire times everything will be allright again.

And then there was “HOPE”

The scary Corona pandemic inspired artist Dennis Josef Meseg to create his work “It is like it is” – an installation of 111 mannequins wrapped in red and white barrier tap, internationally known by now.
It should make people reflect about the true values of life and give them courage in the face of the pandemic and its horrors.
Red and white barrier tape documents the insurmountable separation that the currently restricted life and the curtailment of fundamental rights of all people bring. A familiar community is broken down into a herd of individuals, all separated, and each yearning for familiar intimacy.
In the midst of this work of art, hidden yet always present, stood a special mannequin.

At first glance she looked like all the others, but her posture was different, and with this detail she appealed to the artist whenever he displayed his installation. As time went by Dennis Meseg began to see, understand and appreciate her secret message. He gave her the name “Hope” because the figure reminded him of a person who has managed to shed the heaviness of his current situation and is tiptoeing towards better times, arms stretched to flap his wings and gaze skyward. Like a white hope for those who have been through hard times and cling to the belief that everything will be alright again.

Hope was the essence of his installation, so the artist immortalized it in the form of this one figurine – Hope – as a life-size bronze statue. Her belonging to the installation is recognizable by the imprint of the red and white barrier tape.

The Rebirth of Hope

The Rebirth of Hope
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HOPE 175cm Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzefigur Installation "It is like it is" HOPE 175cm Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzefigur Installation "It is like it is"

HOPE has already been shown at the following exhibitions:

04/29/2022-05/08/2022Revierkunst 2022

08/24/2022-08/28/2022SwissArtExpo Zürich 2022

09/16/2022-09/29/2022Rome International Art Fair 2022

04/20/2023-04/23/2023Discovery Art Fair Cologne 2023

05/26/2023-05/28/20231000Freund Gallery Cologne

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📸 Heiko Heinen (pixelfaenger.com) & Christian Noll (pixelhauer.de) & Christopher Goebel

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