Besinnlichkeiten – Stahlplastik von Dennis Josef Meseg

Steel sculpture “Besinnlichkeiten”

Steel – 125x70x70cm – ca. 100kg

Contemplations: Slowing down the Individual

Title of the work: Contemplations – Steel – 06/2020 – 125x70x70cm – ca. 100kg

A plain chair made of steel without any ornaments just as soft lines that would deceptively be promising a certain minimum of comfort. One is bound to ignore this metallic chair which seems to come along with a threating cold in winter just as high temperatures in summer. Still it seems like one cannot ignore this chair.

Besinnlichkeiten – Stahlplastik von Dennis Josef Meseg

It is oversized so that even a really tall human being wouldn’t be able to sit on it with their feet touching the ground.This is what turns this chair into a moment of reflection. This is when one pauses and experiences a moment of slowing down. It reminds you of the old days at your parents‘ house.

Those days have passed, those days that had long been forgotten. When each chair was way too high to climb up on without the help of your parents. This is when the world seemed to consist of miracles and adventures, because that’s what children see. This world is still the same. It’s only our way of looking at different things that has changed. Determined, enlightened and always in a hurry. This loss can be prevented. If someone wants to see what is worth to be seen, one only needs to mentally take a seat on this huge oversized uninviting chair.

Stahlplastik - Besinnlichkeiten - Dennis Josef Meseg

Current location: Alanus University Campus 1; Lohheckenweg; in front of the guest house

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