HOPE 45cm Dennis Josef Meseg Bronzefigur Installation "It is like it is"

And then there was “HOPE” (17,7″)

The terrible coronavirus pandemic, with all its horror and suffering, inspired the artist Dennis Josef Meseg to create his now internationally renowned work “It is like it is”, an installation of 111 mannequins wrapped in red and white flutter tape. It was intended to make people think about the value of life and encourage them in the face of this tragedy.

Hope bronze figure Dennis Josef Meseg 17,7″ variant installation “It is like it is” 2023

In the centre of this work of art, hidden and yet always present, stood a special mannequin. At first glance, she looked like all the others, but her posture was different, and it was this detail that appealed to the artist whenever he displayed his installation. Dennis Meseg began to see, understand and appreciate her secret message. He gave it the name “HOPE” because the figure reminded him of a person who has managed to cast off the heaviness of their current situation and is standing on tiptoe, arms outstretched to flap their wings and eyes turned skywards, looking towards better times. Like a beacon of hope for all those who have lived through difficult times and cling to the belief that everything will be all right again.

Hope was the essence of his installation, which is why the artist will immortalise it in the form of this one figure – Hope – as a bronze statue.


On tiptoe, arms raised as if flapping and gaze directed skywards. The life-size bronze statue “HOPE”, the centrepiece of the art installation “It is like it is”, symbolises the comforting faith and hope that everything will be alright again after difficult times.

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