1000 Juden - Plastik - Dennis Josef Meseg

A Thousand Jews

Applied materials: 20 kg various buttons and a big glass

Genesis: Like many other people, I have had a sinister companion since the early days of my life, i.e. the knowledge of the unbearable cruelty of my forefathers during the Holocaust. So unimaginable, so horrifying, so boundless in its diabolical annihilation rage, that stopped before no one. Our innocent neighbors, children, old people – tormented, killed, obliterated.

Objekt 1000 Juden Dennis Josef Meseg

At some point in time it occured to me f that of all those fellow citizens who were deported to a concentration camp, only a tiny bit of proof came back again: the buttons of their clothes. Inconspicuous, hardly noticed contemporary witnesses, and at the same time an ever so painful reminder for future generations.

This is how I want my work to be understood: As a memorial to the time of the devil, which must never be repeated.

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