It is like it is - Ray of Hope - Installation in Galerie Aristokrass Köln

A Ray of Hope

Corona hit the human race like a thunderstorm. A tiny virus, which destroyed what had been thought to be indestructable. It tore families and friendships apart, caused loneliness and despair, and stirred up fear that life would never be the same again.

During the pandemic, the artist Dennis Meseg created an installation which was supposed to set an example: „It is like it is“ – 111 mannequins wrapped in red and white barrier tape, separating them from each other, yet leaving them close by. As if they were never to give up.

Now, he presents a new installation: „A ray of hope“. A wall in red and white, rising from the ground like mist after a summer thunderstorm, covering all that was damaged or destroyed. You can see human figures behind this wall, trying very bravely to break through. So they can carry on. Find their friends again. Start a new life.

This installation is more than a ray of hope. It shows people that „Yes, we can!“, but it is also a reminder that life without art is like a sky full of dark clouds. Without a burst of sunshine.

It is like it is - Ray of Hope - Installation in Galerie Aristokrass Köln

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