#1000 Raben Trio Bronze Dennis Josef Meseg Flatterband Raben rot weiß

#1000Raven – Bronze Raven Trio

The art world is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. One artist who is making a significant impact in the field of performance and installation art is Dennis Josef Meseg.
His latest project, #1000Raven, is a thought-provoking and visually stunning exploration of the relationship between man and nature.

Meseg initially created around 1000 red and white plastic ravens and placed them in various public places around the world. This striking artwork is not only visually impressive, but also conveys a deeper message about the impact of human activity on the environment.

Meseg’s inspiration for the #1000Raven art project came from his fascination with the intelligence and adaptability of ravens and how they have been able to survive and thrive despite human interference in their habitat.

#1000 Raben Trio Bronze Dennis Josef Meseg Flatterband Raben rot weiß

From survival artist to survival artist is the subtitle of the art project. Meseg is also fascinated by how similar and yet different two species can be, especially when it comes to the fight for their own survival and the survival of the entire species.

The project is also a commentary on the increasing industrialisation and urbanisation of our world and the associated loss of biodiversity.

With #1000Raben, Meseg invites the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with nature and the consequences of their actions. The art campaign has already attracted a lot of attention and hundreds of these ravens have been installed in various locations, including museums, parks and landmarks around the world. Meseg encourages participation and interaction with the ravens, as viewers are invited to take part in the project and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #1000ravens. The project not only challenges traditional notions of art, but also stimulates important discussions about our responsibility for the environment.

Meseg’s #1000Raven project is a powerful and thought-provoking example of how art can act as a catalyst for social and environmental change.

In 2023, three of the 1000 ravens were immortalised as a trio in an edition of only 20 pieces in precious bronze. Each raven’s plumage features a fluttering ribbon relief that perfectly echoes the fluttering ribbon look of its red and white plastic conspecifics and reproduces them both visually and haptically.

#1000 Raben Trio Bronze Dennis Josef Meseg Flatterband Raben rot weiß
#1000 Raben Trio Bronze Dennis Josef Meseg Flatterband Raben rot weiß

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