Dingsbums und Bammel - Kinderbuch Nils Neuwerth

Thingamabob – some story


Title: Thingy: Some Story/Additional Story “Jitters – Fear is Not a Bad Thing”
Publisher: Iris Kater Publishing & Media; 1st, ed. Edition (September 26, 2006)
Language: German
Pocketbook: 60 pages
ISBN-10: 393906131X
ISBN-13: 978-3939061311

Over 15 years ago, at the age of 27, I put this little story down on paper, more poorly than not. Unfortunately, the book didn’t sell very well and it was taken off the market again after about 5 years.

Peace, joy, pancakes? … But, it is not that simple! The thingamabobs also get to feel that when the “good Lord” seems to subject them to their probably biggest test. Will the thingamabobs manage to defend themselves against the trolls or will they become slaves to their own excessive greed? Also in the additional story “Jitters – Fear is not a bad thing” someone faces himself. This time, however, it’s a little rabbit!Bammel runs and runs, driven by the fear that seems to save his life again and again. “You scaredy-cat!” shouts Bammel’s brother …But why does Bammel have this fear, which he actually doesn’t want to have and also doesn’t understand?Do you always get only what you don’t want? The author Nils Neuwerth, combines pictures with words. Stories that inspire children and adults not only to think, but also to talk with each other.


This book is only occasionally in the trade to buy used.


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Nils Neuwerth

Thing Some Story

With the additional story Jitters Fear is not a bad thing


Some story

A little while ago, rather some hundreds of years ago, in a faraway and very, very small country, in an even smaller village, there lived: the thingamabobs. The thingamabobs were very friendly, funny and obliging beings. They helped each other, talked a lot and laughed together. Their land was lush and green, the air was pure and fresh, and many animals ran around in the seemingly endless sea of thousands of different shades of green of the surrounding forest. Their rivers were clean, and dozens of different species of fish frolicked in the crystal clear waters of the surrounding rivers and lakes. Each of the doodads had enough to eat and drink. Everyone knew exactly how to use his time. It could be said that all the whatchamacallits were satisfied all around.

Their favorite thing to do was to sit together in the evening and talk, eat whatchamacallit berries, drink whatchamacallit juice and sing beautiful songs. This was the most fun for the children of the whatchamacallits. Everyone sat together around a big campfire and there was something new every night. But someone up there did not want to leave it at this idyll! One fine day, the sun was high in the sky and the wind slowly drew its circle between the brightly colored leaves of the magnificent and old trees of the forest, one of the young whatchamacallits came running into the village. Completely out of breath he stood in front of the others and held in his hands a sparkling and golden shining stone. He proudly showed it to the others in the village. Everyone looked amazed and was very surprised. You can have a lot more of these if you want ….”, heard the whatchamacallits. “, the thingamabobs suddenly heard a very bright but scratchy voice say.

All the thingamabobs turned in the direction from which the voice seemed to come. There stood a small, green and strangely dressed . . . ,,mhh …. apparently … a thingamabob somehow …. “, the thingamabobs thought to themselves. Only just small, green, strangely dressed and apparently with a nasty smell, which slowly moved over to one or the other thingamabob. Some already wrinkled their noses, but didn’t REALLY seem to notice the nasty smell, considering the sparkling and golden shining stones. But … a DINGSBUMS was Mr. Krichdenhalsnichvoll certainly not. He was a troll – the head troll Krichdenhalsnichvoll and he had brought many other trolls, which lined up behind him. I am the head troll Krichdenhalsnichvoll! “, he threw into the crowd without being asked. “Friends,” he shouted with his maw wide open, from which, by all appearances, the foul odors escaped!

“Friends, I am here to make your lives easier. “My friends and I, we have come from far away and brought you these and many more precious things. We can make you rich and satisfied!” “Yes, rich we can make you,” this sentence died away with a slightly mocking echo, which didn’t seem to bother anyone. The whatchamacallits just wondered what the phrase “rich” was supposed to mean. ,,RICH?”, the whatchamacallits gave each other questioning looks. None of the whatchamacallits knew the word “rich,” or even close to its meaning. Mr. Krichdenhalsnichvoll, the head troll, gave his “friends” a very promising look. 11 Are you kidding us?” shouted one of the whatchamacallits. Get out of here you … you …. weird characters … we’re fine! Thanks for asking!

She was visibly incensed. “Just a moment madam,” Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnich interjected. “Don’t react so cockily, you’re making a complete fool of yourself in front of everyone! They appreciate our request,” he said in a corny voice . . . . no reaction from the whatchamacallit. “Madam, I give you three sparkling and golden shining stones as a proof of our trustworthiness. No one here in the village has that many!” The whatchamacallit stood there paralyzed. Out of sheer perplexity, she took the three stones and disappeared into the crowd, her head bright red. 11 Rich is one … “Mr. Krichdenhalsnich, the head troll, grabbed his neck. 11 Dear people … clear your throat … you are rich, if you have many of these different sparkling and golden shining stones.” “Just like us trolls!” 11 We are rich,” said Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichvoll.

That k.lang for the whatchamacallit very obvious. Therefore they had been so far also never “rich” noted some. They had had so far no sparkling and golden shining stones at all. Who owns many of these sparkling and golden shining stones must be “rich”. These stones were beautiful by far and they possessed an indefinable attraction. Yes they did! And much more than that …. In the shade of an old oak tree stood three more trolls with brown cloth bags filled to the brim. The trolls opened their brown cloth bags and distributed a few of the sparkling and golden stones inside to some of the whatsits. But as I said, only to some of them. Others, on the other hand, did not get any stones. For whatever reason, the whatchamacallits could not even begin to guess at this point! “Here take these precious stones as a gift!” said Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichfully.

The whatchamacallits had never known this before either. Some now possessed sparkling and golden stones and others did not. As if it had been planned, it began to bubble inside the thingamabobs that had not received any of the sparkling and golden shining stones. The thingamabobs did not know this feeling any more than they had known the trolls, the word “rich” and the sparkling and golden shining stones. This feeling felt unspeakably bad, but no one knew exactly what it was. The whatchamacallits, who had not gotten any stones, suddenly knew only that they also wanted such sparkling and golden shining stones. “And why don’t we get any of the sparkling and golden shining stones?” asked one of the whatchamacallits who had gone away empty-handed.

But he got no answer to his question. Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichvoll said, without paying further attention to the question of the thingamabobs: ,,It is late and we trolls want to retire to our chambers. Tomorrow we will come back and we can talk about everything again.” With a sardonic grin at the corners of their mouths, the trolls said goodbye and disappeared into the forest in front of the great mountains. The whatchamacallits stood there as if ordered and not picked up. As if they had encountered a ghost. Only whether it was a good or an evil spirit, none of them really knew to classify. But evil spirits hardly give away such beautiful sparkling and golden shining stones. Or perhaps nevertheless … ? And all of a sudden, a previously unknown feeling spread through the whatchamacallits, who had received one of the sparkling and golden shining stones as a gift from the trolls. They suddenly noticed the looks of the OTHER thingamabobs, who had not received any stones from the trolls. And they got the inescapable feeling as if they had to protect their “treasure” from the OTHERS. That night, one half of the thingamabobs made a plan how they could get such beautiful sparkling and golden stones. And the OTHER half of the thingamabobs, who had received one of the suddenly coveted “treasures”, had nothing better to do all night than to worry whether their new, precious companion would be hidden safely enough. One of the whatchamacallits re-hid her “treasure” five times until she was finally able to fall asleep, albeit with only one eye open. The next morning, the trolls came out of the forest again to talk to the whatsits. Led, as they had been the day before, by Mr. Head Troll Krichdenhalsnichvoll, they all gathered in the village square of Thingbums.

Some had not been able to wait to catch these sparkling and golden shining stones and stood here already for hours the legs in the belly. Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichvoll made the thingamabobs an offer. You can trade with us,” he said. The whatchamacallits looked at each other questioningly. What was that again? “Trade?” The whatchamacallits directed their questioning looks at Mr. Krichdenhalsnich, the head troll. You don’t know “swap”?” The head troll Krichdenhalsnichvoll laughed loudly and opened his mouth wide. So… ” he said, “so let me explain the word “swap” to you!” “It’s like this, you give us something from you and you give us something from you in return!”

The trolls looked at each other questioningly. One of the trolls gave Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichvoll a shove and whispered: ,, . . and we give you something from f // us. ,, WHAT?” Mr. Krichdenhalsnichvoll looked sheepishly at his colleague troll. He gave his boss an incredulous look and said: “Swapping means: You give us something of yours and we give you something of ours! Not you give us something of yourselves and you give us something of yourselves in return!” The head troll Krichdenhalsnichvoll had to smile. Oh, I see, ohh … clear my throat… Of course … Swap means: You give us something from you and we give you something from us”, he said a little bit meekly. “EXCHANGE???” No, the thingamabobs didn’t know that yet either! “Swap,” some of the thingamabobs muttered to themselves. “Such a strange thing!”

Up to now, people in whatchamacallits only gave each other presents. If you needed something urgently, you knew exactly who would give you something. And for that one simply helped everyone who also needed help. So simply was that … ! But apparently, controlled by some power, all doodads wanted to own more and more of these sparkling and golden shining stones. They wanted the sparkling and golden shining stones so much that some whatchamacallits ran off without further hesitation to look for something to trade. They traded their supplies for the winter, their animals, and at first some, then all their furniture, just to be able to own more and more of these sparkling and golden shining stones. Some took ten stones at once. Others of the doodads took only a few of the stones, still others only one. Laughing, the trolls disappeared into the forest …. and the story took its course!

… just like nowadays, within a few hours it happened that those among the thingamabobs who got the most of the so beautifully sparkling and golden shining stones, also got the most prestige in the village of the thingamabobs. They hung their stones around their necks and strutted up and down the village square. From time to time, one had the feeling of being in a chicken coop. But: “So many trolls could not be wrong. . . . or . The now “rich” thingamabobs triggered such a feeling of dissatisfaction in the others that it began to boil over inside the thingamabobs that possessed few stones. They also wanted to own so many of the sparkling and golden shining stones. They also wanted to “trade” with the other whatchamacallits for them. All of a sudden, many of the 11 “rich” whatchamacallits didn’t want to work anymore. They left their mills and sawmills at a standstill and seemed to feast on their “riches” all day long.

So it happened that some of the thingamabobs went off to exchange once again with the trolls directly such beautiful sparkling and golden shining stones. In the village, the stones had become in the meantime unchangeable. Many already began to break their stones into small pieces to exchange more smaller things. Arriving at the trolls, they promptly traded with the thingamabobs, only this time at a much higher exchange value. But it was still better than what had to be exchanged in the village of the thingamabobs. Little by little, the thingamabobs traded everything they owned with the trolls and no one lifted a finger for the common good. And how could it come otherwise: One day, even the last supplies of the thingamabobs ran out and they began to cut down more and more of the surrounding forests as a means of exchange. They fished more and more fish from the rivers and killed more and more animals in the forest. And that only to “earn” more and more of these beautiful sparkling w1d golden shining stones! Again some time later the whatchamacallits didn’t have enough wood, fish, meat, fruits and vegetables to trade sparkling and golden shiny stones and at the same time all survive. They now had almost no food, no drink, and yes …. almost nothing. No one was talking happily anymore and no more campfires were made in the evenings because the wood had become too precious and no one had time or desire. And for a long time nobody got anything as a present. So some whatsits ran to the trolls to ask them what to do next. The trolls sat in their luxurious chamber and visibly enjoyed themselves. They had the furniture of the thingamabobs, enough food and drink and the huge room was full of the beautiful sparkling and golden shining stones.

The trolls listened attentively to the request of the thingamabobs. After that the trolls put their heads together and Mr. Krichdenhalsnichvoll, who was sitting at the head of the table and gleefully eating half a pig, said with a full and greasy shining mouth: I am sorry for you. But we can’t help you.” Mr. Krichdenhalsnich, the head troll, scratched his nose and continued. “You know the principle of bartering now. You give us something of yourselves … and we give you something of ourselves!” Mr. Obertroll Krichdenhalsnichvoll looked quite proudly at his colleagues, who looked frowning and incredulous at their boss, because it was probably the first time that he himself had understood the matter of ” bartering” correctly. Just as the whatchamacallits were about to go back to the village, Mr. Krichdenhalsnich, the head troll, added another one. “You can work for us! If you do what we tell you, you’ll get enough to eat and drink for your work.”

After these words were spoken, there was an eerie silence in the air. The trolls and the whatchamacallits looked at each other very critically. But what was left for the whatchamacallits. Almost all of them had small children who wanted to be taken care of. And they themselves needed something to eat and drink. So from then on, the thingamabobs worked for the trolls. Some worked in the trolls’ mine and dug beautiful sparkling and golden stones out of the trolls’ mountain, others took care of the animals and the fields. Others of the whatchamacallits worked as woodcutters or cleaners. And still other whatchamacallits worked as butchers or as carpenters. Now the whatchamacallits had halfway enough to eat and drink. But really well it went to none.

It spoke now nobody more with the other, since everyone had to do with itself enough. Get up in the morning, work for the trolls, in the evening clean the house and do errands and then finally sleep. Every thing was now looking forward to that. Yes! Sleeping was the most beautiful thing in the world. But only since the trolls were there. Before, one had been quite excited in the evening and had looked forward to the coming day, with all that it might bring with it. Just like children, who find that the day is the most beautiful time of life! Not the boring night! It didn’t take long for some of the whatchamacallits to get sick. Some from the dust in the mines, others from all the work, and still others from malnutrition. Within a short time, everything had changed here in Thingamabob. Now really no one was cheerful, good-humored or obliging. People supplied themselves at the food stalls of the trolls. In which some whatchamacallits worked to hand out food to the other whatchamacallits.

It was not good food and everyone knew that, but what should you do? Hunger is merciless! And since it came with the time to more and more resentment and envy, and thus to thefts and frauds among the thingamabobs, henceforth dozens of the thingamabobs were paid by the trolls to create order. But … . . . one day, when the need seemed to be greatest, one of the thingamabobs called the other thingamabobs together to put an end to all this mess. He seemed to have realized what could be done about the trolls. All the whatchamacallits listened excitedly and finally agreed with his plan to get rid of the trolls. “What’s too much is too much,” spoke one of the whatsits. ,,Now “enough” is enough!” said another. They were determined to drive the trolls from their mountain and from the land of the thingamabobs before everything was destroyed. Therefore, they gathered all their courage. The strongest of the thingamabobs grabbed the trolls, who were petrified with fright, threw them onto an old boat and pushed them out into the wide sea. The trolls screamed and raged. But the whatchamacallits laughed and jumped for joy. They fetched all their beautifully sparkling and golden shining stones and were surprised that they suddenly no longer sparkled and shone so beautifully. They had lost their luster. They were no longer beautiful sparkling and golden shining stones. They were now ordinary pebbles. They threw their pebbles into the sea and got back their things, animals and everything they had exchanged with the trolls.

It took a long time for the land and the thingamabobs to recover from the trolls’ raid, but gradually the old and beautiful state of affairs returned to thingamabobs. Everyone had something to eat and drink again … and … the first animals were running around again in the still tender green of the forest. “Rich?” ,,Rich is something else than to be allowed to call many of these beautifully sparkling and golden shining stones his own … or …. !!!?” The question disappeared in the room …. ” Before the trolls came, we were rich. And now we are slowly becoming so again.” ,,Rich in humanity, rich in love and security! Rich in food and drink. And rich in being spared from sickness and suffering.” Darkness slowly came on the gentle waves of the evening sun. An owl called its good-night greeting into the distance of the forest.

In the dark you can still hear one of the other whatchamacallit say: ,,Something like this must never happen to us again …. !” ,What must never happen to us again … !?” Mmhhh … Well… what’s-his-name… umm …. Thingamabob just .

… no end in sight!


Anxiety is not a bad thing


“Where did that deafening noise come from?” asked Bammel the little rabbit to his big brother Henri. Henri was two years older than Bammel and knew the most incredible things. When Henri started talking, Bammel could never get enough. “I don’t know what that sound is either,” Henri replied. Both looked around questioningly and searched with their eyes and ears for the troublemaker. At first they couldn’t make out anything. But then they saw the cause of the noise right in front of them. A cold shiver ran down their backs almost simultaneously. Through the tire tracks of a tractor in the cornfield, Bammel and Henri could make out a large combine harvester. He seemed to be coming right at them.

Bammel suddenly became quite queasy. “What was that feeling all of a sudden?” What is happening inside me,” Bammel asked himself. In Bammel rumbled a very strange feeling. He felt as if he had to run away and stop at the same time. It was an oppressive feeling, and for a second it seemed as if this feeling would turn Bammel to stone. But Bammel quickly came to and ran after Henri. Run, Bammel, run for your life,” Henri shouted to Bammel. ,,It’s a combine!” II – – – I Both ran as if struck by lightning back to the emergency exit of their building, from which they had just sneaked out without permission. Normally, one was not allowed to use the emergency exits just like that, as Bammel and Henri often liked to do. The emergency exits were hidden and dug in a little so that a predator, for example a fox, could not discover them so easily. If they were used too often, “paths” would form in front of the emergency exits and enemies could then discover the passages much more easily. But Bammel and Henri were not yet able to assess this danger. Bammel and Henri ran for their lives. But the Mä rescher seemed to come nevertheless closer and closer. Bammel almost got caught on a root sticking out of the ground. But Bammel kept his balance and quickly dashed on. At the last moment, Bammel and Henri disappeared into the emergency exit. With a loud rattle, the combine drove past the emergency exit. Bammel and Henri looked at each other with wide open eyes, exhausted. For a moment it was as if they both wanted to start laughing with happiness. But Bammel gave one deep sob and immediately began to cry bitterly. Henri, did you feel what I felt just now,” Bammel asked with a tremor in his voice. “What did you feel?” Henri looked a little funny when he asked Bammel that. “Well, I don’t know,” Bammel said. “It was kind of a weird feeling.” “You must have been scared,” Henri replied. “Are you a scaredy-cat?” added Henri mockingly. Bammel looked at Henri and thought to himself: “What was fear? What is a scaredy-cat?” Bammel was a little confused. Why am I a scaredy-cat?” Bammel asked his brother Henri. “Well, because just now, as the combine came toward us, you got scared. Only scaredy-cats get scared, and they run away,” Henri said cheekily. “Scaredy-cats are afraid of little things like a combine harvester. But you also ran away! Then you are also a scaredy-cat,” Bammel drove back.

Henri looked at Bammel for a while and then said: “Yes, I also ran away, but only because you scared me. See what scaredy-cats do. You infected me.” Now Bammel knew nothing at all. At that moment cousin Mira came by. She was a rather snooty rabbit lady. “Well, you two,” she said mockingly. “You look as if St. Rabbitio himself had appeared to you.” “Did something happen?” Nothing happened,” Henri threw back at her. “Go play with your rabbit dolls, cousin. ” Henri turned his head back to Bammel. Mira stuck out her tongue and disappeared down one of the dozens of hallways without saying another word. “Come on, scaredy-cat. We’re going to join the others.” With one leap, Henri hobbled away.

I’m a scaredy-cat?”, thought Bammel. Pahhh, that I do not laugh. I’m brave and afraid of nothing. I will show Henri” Bammel sat thoughtfully and thought about how he could prove to Henri that he was not afraid at all. He could run into the fox woods or he could …. Bammel couldn’t think of anything. Or it was …. yes it was! He could stay out all night and give Henri and the others a huge scare. They would surely get very worried and then it would be seen who was a scaredy-cat here. Bammel planned to simply hide in one of the emergency exits for the night. The emergency exits were safe and also nice and toasty warm through the night. No sooner said than done!

Bamm hobbled past the supply aisle and pocketed some more food. He already knew exactly which emergency exit he wanted to take. Exactly the one that Henri and Bammel had always used last summer to sneak out of the den when they were grounded or Aunt Elfriede came to visit again. Once in the emergency exit, Bammel made himself comfortable. He nibbled on his stash, and little by little his eyes fell shut. He felt as if just a minute or two had passed when he heard a strange scraping and a soft sniffing coming from inside the passage. “I wonder if that was Henri or one of the others. Maybe it was Mother or Father already looking for me?” Bammel thought about it for a moment, but then quickly came to the conclusion that this sound could not belong to any of his relatives. It sounded very strange to Bammel. Bammel straightened his ears, and suddenly it was there again: this strange feeling in Bammel’s chest and in his stomach. Instinctively, Bammel ran out of the emergency exit into the open. Bammel hid behind a bush and saw a marten sneaking out of the emergency exit. One of the biggest enemies of us rabbits,” thought Bammel. He felt his thought as loud as if he had spoken it. His heart pounded Bammel all the way up i1″ his neck. Bammel squinted his eyes and began to count quietly to ten. 1 …. 2 ….. 3 ….. 4 ….. As he did so, he wished that the marten would not spot him and disappear . …. 5 …. 6 …. 7 …. The last numbers seemed to be the longest. Jitters came the . . . 8 . . . the 9 . . . and the . . . 10 . . . . as if seconds, minutes, and even hours had passed in those four.

When Bammel next looked toward the emergency exit, the marten had indeed disappeared. Bammel looked around in disbelief. But the marten was really gone. Just as Bammel was about to hobble back to the emergency exit, a large shadow passed right over him. Without thinking, Bammel had that strange “scaredy-cat” feeling again and he ran for all he was worth. Bammel ran toward the denser deciduous forest. His runs seemed to have taken on a life of their own and Bammel ran faster and faster. “What was that in the night sky?” wondered Bammel as he ran. Two large wings circled over little Bammel and seemed to have him in their sights. It was a large owl with a wingspan of more than half a meter. It circled very close above Bammel and by all appearances was foraging.

“And one of the favorite foods of large owls is rabbits! Or rather, all small creatures that the owl can grab with its claws and carry away. The owl started to swoop and missed Bammel only by a hair’s breadth. Bammel finally disappeared into the dense deciduous forest. Here the owl had little chance of grabbing Bammel and carrying him away. And the owl knew it, because it took off when it saw its midnight rabbit snack disappear into the dense deciduous forest. Again, that feeling had saved Bammel’s life. If he hadn’t gotten that scaredy-cat feeling, he never would have run out into the open in the emergency exit without thinking, and he would have found that good hiding place right away. And especially with the owl, he would have definitely run much slower and not fled to the safe green until it was much too late. Bammel began to get comfortable with the feeling.

I thank you ,fear,” Bammel said. “You’ve saved my life three times already.” With that thought, Bammel lifted his head and looked around. He had never walked this far before. Where might he be? “Fear! Can you tell me where I am?” Bammel waited a moment . . then his thought struck him as very nonsensical. “You can’t know everything Fear!” Bammel had to laugh. But his laughter was immediately interrupted by a strong thought: he had to find his way back home! But where was “home”? “Oh, if only Henri were here,” Bammel thought to himself. Bammel looked in the direction of the sky. It was already starting to get light on the horizon.

A few seconds later, the birds also began to chirp and welcomed the day in their own way. Bammel fell it suddenly like scales from the eyes. He remembered that when he had been sitting in front of the den in the mornings for the last few days, the sun had risen to his left and straight ahead he could always see two large mountain peaks standing right next to each other. Bammel had to go to a higher place to look for the rocks and the sunrise. Bammel hobbled back through the still dark forest. That weird scaredy-cat feeling seemed to make Bammel more alert and cautious. With eyes wide open and ears fixed, Bammel hobbled to a small hill and looked around. Lo and behold, there were the two rocks, and there was the sun rising. Bammel could already see a narrow, short and bright strip of the sun on the horizon.

Exactly in this direction Bammel had to go. Bammel was sure of that. He ran immediately … With the fear in the neck he felt suddenly much safer and stronger. He suddenly knew that the “fear” was a kind of additional companion, a kind of protector. With it, Bammel could run faster and jump farther than usual. It made Bammel think faster and instinctively do the most sensible thing for the moment. It wasn’t long before Bammel reached the large clearing in front of one of the emergency exits of his den. From a distance, Bammel could see his grandfather sitting on a sawed-off building stump. He sat there as if waiting for Bammel. Without detour or a thought of a way out, Bammel went to his grandfather. “Hello,” Bammel couldn’t think of anything better to say on the spur of the moment.

Hello,” his grandfather answered him surprisingly friendly. ,, And … “, the grandfather asked further. And what,” Bammel asked back. And … did you learn anything from it!” “From what … how do you know … ?” Bammel was a little confused. I was watching you. I was always near you. Or do you really think the marten would have just disappeared. He had already picked up your scent. I distracted him and lured him away from you. But how did you know what I was going to do?” Bammel now looked even more perplexed as he asked his grandfather this. “It doesn’t matter,” Bammel’s grandfather looked over at Bammel. “I just happened to see you going to the old emergency exit in the west wing of our building late at night.” “That’s when I figured something must be up.”

Bammel twisted the corners of his mouth into a smile. “And you must have distracted the owl,” Bammel asked. “No, I didn’t distract it.” “You escaped from the owl all by yourself!” Bammel proudly boasted a little when his grandfather said this to him. “There is one thing I want to know, though, before we go back to the others to explain everything to them.” “Why did you do that?”, Bammel’s grandfather looked at Bammel with a questioning look. “I did it because Henri said scaredy-cat to me,” Bammel replied. ” And why did he do that,” the grandfather picked up and Bammel started to tell the whole story. Starting with the combine harvester, to this strange feeling, to the plan to cheat fear and Henri. The grandfather listened to Bammel attentively until the end and then said: “You see, Bammel. You have learned today, in one day, that fear is not a bad thing. Everybody is afraid. You learned that fear tries to protect you. It warns you of dangerous situations and makes you react in a flash and become much stronger. And as you may have also learned, it is very important to have your fear under control and to go your own way. On the way back, you were scared, but you still went on carefully. I am proud of you Bammel. And if you tell the story to Henri, I’m sure he’ll never call you a ‘scaredy-cat’ again.” “But surely Henri won’t believe me,” Bammel’s head sank toward the floor. “Then let him ask me! I can tell him the story is true,” Bammel’s grandfather countered. He put his arm around Bammel and they watched the sunrise together. So… “, Bammel said to himself, “Well…. . . . Fear is not a bad thing. It protects me and makes me stronger . . it warns me of danger and makes me make faster decisions Fear is something everyone has, and so anyone who says he’s not afraid is even more of a scaredy-cat, because he doesn’t even dare say he’s afraid … because that takes a lot of courage!

… Torn into life!

Nils Neuwerth … Is a native of Bonn. Born on 11.03.1979, he grew up in the foothills between Bonn and Cologne, until at the age of just under 16 years “life” seemed to call him from all directions. Nils followed the call, left his home village Sechtem, his family and friends and set out on an uncertain path. Driven by an inner voice, Nils set out on his search! But … the way is the goal! Nils had to begin to understand this. At the moment he is writing new books for children and young people. He is very involved in nature conservation and devotes himself to music and art. His first art exhibition took place, under the name John Christoph Dionysos Sommersberg, in 2003 at the Galerie du Haut-Pave in Paris.

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