Dingsbums und Bammel - Kinderbuch Nils Neuwerth

Thingamabob – some story

Title: Thingamabob – some story / additional story: „Scare – fear is nothing bad“
Publisher: Iris Kater Verlag & Medien, 1st Edition (26 September 2006)
Language: German
Paperpack: 60 pages
ISBN-10: 393906131X
ISBN-13: 978-3939061311

More than 15 years ago, at the age of 27, I put this little story on paper, more bad than good. Unfortunately, the book did not sell very well and it was taken off the market after about 5 years.

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And everybody was happy? Well, it’s not so simple! This is what the Thingamabobs get to learn when „the dear God“ puts them to their greatest test. Can the Thingamabobs resist the Trolls, or will they become the slaves of their own boundless greed?

In the additional story „Scare – fear is also nothing bad“, someone has got to face his own personality. This time, it is a little rabbit. Scare keeps on running, driven by a fear that seemingly saves his life over and over again. „You scaredy-cat!“, his brother shouts… but why does Scare have this fear he neither wants nor understands? Do you only get what you don’t want?

The author Nils Neuwerth combines pictures with words to stories for children and adults. The aim is not only to make them reflect the issue yet encourage conversations about it.

This book is almost sold out but rarely still available.

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