Mahnmal 666 - Wie die Faust aufs Auge - Dennis Josef Meseg

Memorial 666 – A perfect match

Between Rhine river mile 665 and 667.
During one of my excursions along the Rhine I noticed the garbage people disposed along the way and started to kick it back in plain sight, so that the waste collection would take it away. It became a kind of obsession that day, hence the garbage got more and more, until, at the end, I left a row of garbage behind on the cycle path measuring some 1-1,5 kilometres.

Mahnmal 666 - Wie die Faust aufs Auge - Dennis Josef Meseg

Action art – a bucket of rubbish a day

Over 500 buckets have been collected in 1.5 years

Find out more about the project

Environmental protection project –

800 kilometres of the Rhine are looking for sponsors

Find out more about the project

    If you are interested in this installation for your city, municipality, association, gallery, museum or other organisation, you can find out about availability and the rental price here.

    2 thoughts on “Memorial 666 – A perfect match

    1. Hello dear Mr Meseg,

      Inspired by the Mahnmal 666 campaign, I initiated this in Litzendorf as part of the rubbish collection campaign organised by the B90/The Greens in Ellertal.

      On the cycle path in our municipality of Litzendorf from A to B, I placed the rubbish in the centre of the cycle path and collected it again on the way back from B to A.

      I also got into conversation with passing cyclists and was able to explain the campaign (making rubbish visible, drawing attention to environmental pollution, etc.), so I was able to dispel the big question marks that people had on their faces. Basically, they liked the campaign.
      Unfortunately not all of them, which got me into trouble with the police. They had received several calls. I was threatened with a charge of “dangerous interference with road traffic” because I had deliberately placed the rubbish, including glass bottles, in the middle of the path and thus accepted that someone could have recognised the obstacle too late, then fallen and injured themselves.

      Yes, I could have informed the police in advance, but I ignored it. And I actually didn’t expect such a reaction from individual passers-by.

      I fully stand by my actions 🙂
      However, I will inform myself better in advance for another action.

      Thank you for the inspiration. I follow your very moving actions and hope to see one live at some point.

      Best regards

      Kathrin Zwosta

      1. Hello Kathrin,
        I think the campaign is great and sometimes or more often you have to deal with headwinds, that seems to be part of it. LG, Dennis 🙂💪💪💪💪

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