Die dunkle Seite des Regenbogens - Dennis Josef Meseg - Back in Black The Stage Gallery Cologne 2022

The Dark Side of the Rainbow

Three children sitting on the ground, absorbed in their play, a bird watching the scene. A motive that can be found in almost anybody’s photo album. It evokes memories of light-hearted times, singing, laughter, sunshine and the scent of freshly mawn grass.

This is how childhood should be like. So that little, tender souls can become adults, mastering their life strongly and bravely. Adults who can unfold their talents like flowers on the meadow and who know what love is.

But in today’s nurseries lures the Internet with all ist dark aspekts. Loneliness, brutalization and indifference. It is a thief which steals the childhood. Showing the little ones pictures of violence and pornography. Until their laughter fades away, and their lightheartedness.

Three children sitting on the ground. Wrapped up in black latex, a raven watching the scene. They don’t play anymore. They simply are. Waiting for a future on the dark side of the rainbow.

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