Social-Experiment | “KindheitstraumABC” (Blackboard Omens)

Social-Experiment | “KindheitstraumABC” (Blackboard Omens)

At the Co-Work-Space in Brühl, North-Rhine-Westphalia, from 25 February to 1 April 2023, the artist Dennis Josef Meseg introduced his then latest work: „Blackboard Omens“, a profound installation that calls for closer looks, for consideration and action.

“KindheitstraumABC” (Blackboard Omens) consists of ordinary blackboards, erected before and/or fixed to the walls of the building and supplied with coloured magnetic letters. At first glance, these letters seem to be put up indiscriminately; no words can be made out.

And yet there are some, hidden, waiting to be found. No cheerful, carefree expressions, as one would expect to find on a blackboard at school. In fact, they are silent accusations – made visible in the name of the young ones who were cheated out of their childhood through negligence, violence and abuse.

With „Blackboard Omens“, the artist wants to try an experiment: Will the viewers react to the hidden words and if so, in what way? Will they overcome their inhibitions and touch the art work? It would enable them to alter the order of the letters and thus extinguish their sinister meaning, maybe even redraft the words into something positive.

The scars on a child’s wounded soul can never be removed like coloured magnetic letters on a blackboard. But it is possible to prevent, to help and protect. All it takes is to name the suffering. It is written on every wall, just like in “KindheitstraumABC” (Blackboard Omens). You only need to look closely…

Vernissage Ausstellung "KindheitstraumABC" Dennis Josef Meseg - 26.02.2023 - Film von Miguel Lips

Impressions vernissage photographer Heiko Heinen:

Impressions vernissage (art) friend Patrice Geronimo:

Impressions vernissage photographer Klaus Bochem:

Results of the panels

Result panels 1 (directly after the vernissage):

Result panels 2 (04.+05.03.2023) :

Result panels 3 (Zu Beginn der Öffnungszeiten am 11.+12.03.2023) :

Result panels 4 (Zu Ende der Öffnungszeiten am 11.+12.03.2023) :

Result panels 5 (Zu Ende der Öffnungszeiten am 18.+19.03.2023) :

Visit Goethe elementary school Wesseling 4.class (30.03.2023):

Result panels 6 (Zur Finissage am 01.04.2023) :

Impressions Dennis Josef Meseg (19.03.2023)

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