Meet the team – The team behind “It is like it is”

This installation would never have been possible on its own. There are now 27 hard-working helpers, always in different constellations, one more the other less, in the background of the installation “It is like it is”.

Here you can get an impression of what is going on behind the scenes and who the hard-working helpers are.

Spezial thanks to:

Max – Lena – Chris – Lina – Jan – Vincent – Joe – Jakob – Julia – Guido – Betty – Maike – Achmet – Mira – Simon – Janis – Topf – Helmut – Lüs – Luca – Claudia – Ivan – Marisa – Jakub – Jan (2) – Olli – Amr

Team-Film Installation "It is like it is" und "Broken" 2020
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