1000 Raben Dennis Josef Meseg - Installation Rauminstallation 2022 It is like it is

A thousand Ravens | #1000Raven 1.0 – From one Survivor to the other

🇫🇷 France
Another project with the warning flutter band are my red and white ravens. To me, the raven is a symbol of adaptation and the will to survive. For strategic thinking and especially for the superiority of nature over man.

Studies show that the intelligence of ravens is comparable to that of apes. A raven knows, for example, that when it hides food, it must not be observed.
There are also experiments with free-living ravens.
Students of a German university performed daily walks through a certain park, same time, same route. The local raven population got used to these visits and ignored them after a while.
Then a test person put on a mask and frightened certain ravens on the grounds of the university. After only about 2 weeks the other ravens knew about it and avoided the test person with the mask, even fled from him. But that was not the end of the story. The following generations of these ravens had also received this information and fled as soon as they saw the mask.

1000 Raben - Berlin
The raven and the human. Two species that at first glance could hardly be more different, but in the struggle for survival they are more similar than one might think.

#1000Raven sightings worldwide:

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Observations of the #1000Raven have so far been made in the cities of Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Bonn, Brühl, Bornheim Rhld. and Wesseling. Some sightings have even been reported from Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Morocco, Scotland, France, Belgium, South Africa, Romania and Kyrgyzstan. All in all, several hundred of these ravens have escaped from my studio and swarm through the air. Every now and then they settle down and besiege various places and bridges.

#1000Ravens in Berlin (1; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (1; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Kapstadt (Africa):

#1000Ravens in Wesseling (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne “Deutzer-Brücke” (2; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Marocco (Marakesh und Essaouira):

#1000Ravens in On the Rhine and in the countryside (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Ship Amelia (Germany-Switzerland):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (3; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (4, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Berlin (2; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bad Salzungen (Kunstruine Frankenstein, Germany) and Burgsee (Schnepfenburg, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Distributor circle Wesseling (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Alfter (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Wesseling (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bonn (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Brühl (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Ahrweiler Kreis (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (5, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Limburg (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Wuppertal (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bregenz (Österreich):

#1000Ravens in Neuhausen – Schellbronn (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Hamburg (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Zürich (Switzerland):

#1000Ravens in Wesseling (Tennisclub, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Verona and Venedig (Italy):

#1000Ravens in Mallorca (Spanien):

#1000Ravens in Tarot Garden – Niki de Saint Phalle (Italien):

#1000Ravens in Kenia (Africa):

#1000Ravens in On the Dalsland Canal and in Gothenburg (Sweden):

#1000Ravens in Brest – Atelier des Capucins (France):

#1000Ravens in Rügen (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Paris Eiffelturm (France):

#1000Ravens in Bad Münstereifel (1 year after the flood disaster; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Brühl Rhineland Federal Railway (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (6; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (7; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Laboe (Baltic Sea; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bishkek (Kirgisistan):

#1000Ravens in Berlin (3, Germany):

#1000Rabens Somewhere in East Hesse (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Munich English Garden (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Gruissan near Narbonne (South of France):

#1000Ravens in Göteborg (Sweden):

#1000Ravens in Dalslandkanal (Sweden):

#1000Ravens in Fischbach/ Saarland (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bad Hersfeld/ Stiftsruine (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Lachsfischtreppe Sieg Siegaue Sankt Augustin Buisdorf (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Derenburg near Wernigerode (Ost-Harz, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Gütersloh (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Koblenz Cable railway (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Cologne (8; Rhine promenade; Köln-Merkenich; Rheinauhafen etc.; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Bonn (Viktoriabrücke and Kult41; Germany):

#1000Ravens in Frankfurt am Main (Germany):

#1000Ravens in the Eifel near Blankenheim and Mürlenbach (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Mertert (Luxembourg):

#1000Ravens in Bourg Saint Andeol (France):

#1000Ravens in Camp Nuo (Station), Barcelona (Spain):

#1000Ravens in Koblenz (Germany):

#1000Ravens in Hamburg (Kehrwiederspitze, Germany):

#1000Ravens in Wien (Hofburg; Austria):

#1000Ravens in Austria (3):

#1000Ravens in Denmark (Denmark):

#1000Ravens at Lake Balaton (Hungary):

#1000Ravens in Jaco (Costa Rica):

#1000Ravens at Salema-Strand (Portugal):

#1000Ravens in Paris, PALAIS-DE-TOKYO (France):

#1000Ravens in Gatineau, Québec City (Canada):

#1000Ravens in Normandy, Côte d’Albâtre (France):

#1000Ravens Belgium (Brussels):

#1000Ravens Hünxe (Germany):

#1000Ravens Berlin (4; Germany):

#1000Ravens Cologne Installation “Shattered Souls” (Germany):

#1000Ravens vor Skyline of Saburtalo in Tblisi (Tiflis; Gerorgia)

#1000Ravens on Rügen (1; Germany)

#1000Ravens on Rügen (2; Germany)

#1000Ravens in Romania

#1000Ravens on the Island Föhr/ Germany

#1000Ravens in Hude/ Germany


#1000Ravens in various locations (worldwide):

#1000Ravens recycling (Ravens Hospital):

A raven named Dennis goes traveling with light and sound technician Chris Mock ❤️

For over two years, the two have been an inseparable team and toured Germany with various bands.

Together they visited the following cities in Germany; Cologne, Lindau, Vienna (Austria), Frankfurt, Solothurn (Switzerland), Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Marktredwitz (Austria), Porta Westfalica, Dresden, Dortmund, Langenthal (Switzerland), Luzern (Switzerland), Würzburg, Chemnitz, Magdeburg, Osnabrück, Ludwigsburg, Regensburg, Visbek (Austria), Kronach (Austria), Rostock, Algermissen (Austria), Bochum, Coesfeld, Wiesbaden, Saalfeld, Hannover, Bremen, Karlsruhe und Kaiserslautern.

But one day there was a raven theft at the concert of the band ZSK Berlin

After the raven was stolen, the singer of the band has made a strong effort to bring the lost family member back home!

The call #savedennis

Chris also had an AI design a picture for the profile

The return of Dennis

Happy End ❤️

Photo/video rights: Africa (Cape Town) + Costa Rica/ E.Schüller; Marakesch and Essaouira/ S.Dölz; Berlin Centre – Quartier 206/ Bad Salzungen (Kunstruine Frankenstein) + Burgsee (Schnepfenburg)/ A.Richter); Ahrweiler + Bonn (Kult 41/ Viktoriabrücke)/ H.Heinen; Köln3 + Limburg/ W.Weiler; Wuppertal/ K. Stein); Wesseling (Tennisclub THC Kronenbusch)/ C.Koch; On the Dalsland Canal and in Gothenburg (Sweden) + Brest – Atelier des Capucins (France) + Paris, PALAIS-DE-TOKYO (France)/ T.Kern (Formerly: Hick); Cologne-Weidenpesch + Gruissan near Narbonne (South of France)/ M.Fömpe; Berlin 2/ S.Schweikhard; Munich Englischer Garten + Frankfurt am Main/ D. Meyer-Anuth; Cologne 4/ C.Goebel; Fischbach (Saarland) S.Wankell; Fischbach (Saarland)/ H.Krath; Bad Hersfeld (Abbey ruins)/ E.Pohl; Derenburg near Wernigerode (East Harz)/ V.Hingst; Cologne (5)/ Ralf Scharrer; Somewhere in East Hesse/ V.Kasack; Brühl Rheinland/ S. Pulger; Salmon fishing ladder with view of the Sieg Siegaue in Sankt Augustin Buisdorf/ N.Breitrück; Eifel (Blankenheim and Mürlenbach) + Mertert (Luxembourg) + Bourg Saint Andeol (France) + Camp Nuo (Station), Barcelona (Spain) + Koblenz + Hamburg (Kehrwiederspitze)/ C.Pickel; Wien (Austria) J.Schwackhöfer; Austria + Denmark + Wesseling (Germany)/ C.von der Heyde; Balaton (Hungary)/ O.Zeius; Salema-Strand (Portugal)/ Bettina Licht; Tour with Raven Dennis/ Chris Mock; Call 1 #saveDennis/ ZSK Berlin; Hünxe (Germany) + Berlin (4; Germany) + Cologne Installation “Shattered Souls” (Germany) + Skyline of Saburtalo in Tblisi (Tiflis; Gerorgia) + Insel Föhr + Hude/ M.Koch ; Rügen (Germany)/ S.Post; Romania/ S.Schweikhart

1000 Raben - Rot-Weiße Raben belagern abgebranntes Auto in Wesseling

    Would you like to participate in the project?

    Then please contact me here and I will send you a few of my ravens. You then place them with cable ties in interesting public places in your city and send me photos of them for my documentation. In addition, I then need the release of the photos for further processing.

    Please do not forget to send me photo contract Atelier Dennis Josef Meseg (link opens in new tab) filled out and signed by e-mail or post, so that I may also publish your pictures. 🙂

    And what does the press write?

    Various press outlets report on “#1000Raven”

    What is currently happening around the Raben family – Learn more.

    Current press reports

    You would like to support the project financially?

    There are another 1000 ravens that you can buy to support the project.

    Each raven is numbered, signed and sealed with a protective layer of boat varnish.

    Further information

    Upload pictures of your raven snapshots safely here

    Have you already discovered one or more ravens? Or have you participated in the project yourself?

    The password for the upload page will be sent to you by e-mail on request to: dennis.meseg@student.alanus.edu.

    To the raven photo upload

      If you are interested in this installation for your city, municipality, association, gallery, museum or other organisation, you can find out about availability and the rental price here.

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